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A brief overview:
Tamaqua Bar and Marina is a third generation icon that has provided everyday people the
ability to get away from the physical and mental metropolitan chaos that surround us. It was
once a gathering place for the small beach community that had settled here. The existing
structure had been used as a meeting hall which held religious services and community
activities. The quaint ‘Welcome’ feeling which the Gerritsen community has strived on has
been encapsulated here.
Tamaqua provides an escape from the everyday life through a day boat cruise on a long
awaited fishing or diving excursion. It remains a place to exhale an enormous sigh and just sit
back and relax. A round of cork, rack of eight ball, or watching your favorite sporting team are
just a few of the ways to start unwinding. Engaging in conversation with people that share a
common interest is always enjoyed here. One cannot put into words the atmosphere that fogs
in around you as you enter the Tamaqua …………. it just has to be experienced!